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Barry Snader - Yodan - (717)341-8287

Barry started his competitive mat career in 5th grade as a wrestler. He studied the sport of wrestling at Manheim Central thru his senior year, then continued to train with the wrestling team for the next 2 years. In the summer 1976 he enrolled in a judo course at the local YMCA. Feeling like he found his calling, he soon made his transition from wrestler to judo player. In the thirty years since then he has competed in hundreds of tournaments, won the Pennsylvania State Championships a dozen times in three different weight classes as well a gold medal and three bronze medals in the national championships. As a coach, Barry along with his co-coaches have turned out more than a dozen gold, silver and bronze medalists in the nationals and Jr. Olympics in the last six years. In 2005 he was appointed Chairmen of the Junior Competitor Development Committee for the Middle Atlantic States. He coached one of his judo players in the Pan American games at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
Kirk DeVere - Shodan - (717)368-0195

Kirk's interest in martial arts began in the early 1970's in Britain at Mildenhall Air force Base, where he started Karate. He wrestled in Junior High and throughout High School, becoming Lancaster Sectional Champion under the coaching of Gene Hale. He started Judo approximately 19 years ago under the coaching of Sensei Kevin Hobbs, and later trained under Sensei Thomas J. McNamara. He took first in the Keystone Games, Judo States, Liberty Bell and several other tournaments.

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Ronnie - September 2012
This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a co...
Shufu Judo Events - 12/9/2011

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Combination: O uchi gari into an Okuri ashi harai

The coach's corner is going to be dedicated mostly to counter techniques and combinations.

This time the combo is a right sided O uchi gari that is followed up with an Okuri ashi harai. The...