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Judo was founded in 1882 in Tokyo, Japan. It is currently the second most popular sport in the world, second to soccer. This may be hard to believe on the east coast of the US, but in other countries youngsters start training early, and some become PAID to do judo, while others use it to earn their school books. Judo literally means "the way of gentleness". It was developed by Dr. Jigoro Kano from the martial art Jui Jitsu. Dr Jigoro Kano took the principles of Ju Jitsu and refined them, retaining the methods that were related to a single principle: "to make the most efficient use of mental and physical energy". After Being founded, the Kodokan Judo School opened 3 months later in May of 1882. In 1964, Judo was first introduced into the summer Olympic games.

What is Judo? What can I expect?

Judo is a sport steeped in tradition, self-discipline, and the concept of mutual benefit and welfare. At Lancaster Judo, we respect these traditions. Judo involves various techniques, such as throwing the opponent, armlocks, choke holds, and holddowns (similar to a pin in wrestling). Points are awarded for varying degress of throws, the full point being an "Ippon", which ends the match. Ippons may also be awarded for submissions, when the opponent is forced to surrended via "tap out" due to an armlock, choke, or painful/suffocating holddown. Also, Ippons are awarded for controlling your opponent for 25 seconds in a holddown. At practice, besides learning these techniques, we have a time called Randori. Randori is free practice where two players practice their techniques as they would in Shai, or competition. As mentioned before, we have players of all ages, ability, and willingness. Some players choose not to compete in shai tournaments. Some players will learn Kata, or forms, and practice and/or compete in that way. Some players just come for the interesting workout!

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Ronnie - September 2012
This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a co...
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March's Tip - A modified Okuri ashi Harai
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