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The Lancaster Judo Club has been bringing judo to the Lancaster area since the early seventies. Since that time hundreds of people have participated in our sport. Some people were looking for a form of self-defense, some were looking for a interesting form of exercise while others dove into the competition aspect and competed in tournaments all over the county. The club is fortunate enough to have a coaching staff that has an extraordinary amount of experience. This staff has won a gold medal and three bronze medals in the Masters division of the National Championships. One coach was named the judoka of the year for Pennsylvania in 1990. They also have won more than a dozen state championships as well as the Pennsylvania Keystone Games.

The club has produced judoka that have won 5 national championships as well as 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals at the national level. One of our young men was selected to represent the U.S. in the Pan-American Games where he earned a bronze medal. Our club has earned dozens of state championships and brought home many outstanding competitor awards. We have a tradition in our club based in the belief that hard work combined with a positive attitude will produce great results.

Again there is no requirement to compete in our club; we just make sure that the people who wish to excel at our sport have the training needed to come home a winner.

Since this is sounding very competition oriented let me mention the other aims of our club. The kids are taught that a good judoka does his/her chores at home without complaining and they are required to obey their parents. A good judoka gives back to the community whether by helping teach judo or volunteering in the community. Our club encourages our members to work hard, be honest and disciplined. Also you are expected to be an asset to the community in which you live.

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Ronnie - September 2012
This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a co...
Shufu Judo Events - 12/9/2011

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Combination: O uchi gari into an Okuri ashi harai

The coach's corner is going to be dedicated mostly to counter techniques and combinations.

This time the combo is a right sided O uchi gari that is followed up with an Okuri ashi harai. The...