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Our judo club's first judoka of the month is Daniel E. Dan was promoted to his orange belt in November. He earned the judoka of the month because of the way he displays jita kyoei [mutual benefit and welfare]. Last month on a Saturday morning practice he was working in a group of three, when his practice partners were working with each other he took the time to work with two younger students. Helping your fellow students is part of being a good judoka. Dan also helps his partners learn by being an excellent uki (person being thrown). He does this by being co-operative and not resisting when his practice partner tries to throw him while attempting to learn a new throw. So congratulations Dan you have become an important part of the Lancaster Judo Club.

Challenged with being high functioning autistic, Daniel has had many barriers to overcome. Judo has been a great forum for him to learn discipline as well as enjoyment and collaboration with others. He was born in 1997 outside of Seattle, WA and was formally diagnosed at the age of 5. He has had much assistance from doctors, psychologists, neurologists, etc throughout the years, but the move to PA really opened the doors for support. Last year an associate at his dad's office introduced the family to Judo and they have really appreciated all of the benefits it can have (thanks Sensei Frank!) he loves to play games, snowboard, swim and most other things boys love his age.

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