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This month's Judoka of the month is J.D. Stetler. Although JD only joined our judo family six weeks ago he has proven himself to be quite an asset to our club. He comes from a martial arts background having earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo. Because of this he brings a level of formality and respect to the dojo with him. Equally important he brings his four children with him and most recently his lady Cloe. It does not end there as he also brings an attitude and courage that inspired him to compete in his first tournament September first where he placed third in his weight class. Just think if everyone brought as many new people into the club as JD has, we would have to add additional classes to our schedule. JD, welcome to our judo family and thanks for what you have already done for the Lancaster Judo Club.

James "J.D." Stetler Born 1/6/75age 37 From Conestoga Pa. Currently living in Manheim I work at Aggregates Equipment Company in Leola as a welder, fitter, fabricator and layout technician. It sounds complicated, so in short, I use really cool machines to build really cool machines. I've always been lighthearted, the class clown, the one always smiling. Family and friendship are very important to me, and my friends often seek my insight and positive attitude during troubled times. My interests include camping, kayaking, playing guitar, fishing and watching movies. My favorite pastime has been watching my kids grow up, training with them at such a great school is an honor. After an 8 year break from martial arts, my daughter Ashley expressed an interest. I started looking at local schools, and found Lancaster Judo Club. We could not have found a better school, and we love our new judo family. I hope to help teach judo at the club in the future, so I may give to others what you have given to my family.

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