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This month the coaching staff of the Lancaster Judo Club has named Lianeace Acevedo as the Judoka of the Month. The reason for this may seem to be getting a little redundant but it shows the importance we put on the concept of “mutual benefit and welfare”. We recently had the privilege of having Eric Peel and his 3 year old daughter Addy join our dojo. Addy's first practice was a bit intimidating with a full dojo and a lot of adults going through a vigorous warm-up. Seeing how all this as Addy's first exposure to judo was a bit overwhelming “Neacy” as she is known in the club came to me and offered to take Addy under her wing and show her how to fall in a more gentle manner. Neacy has also has taken it upon herself to comfort and work with some of our junior students, her patients and kindness make her a perfect combination for working with small children. The club would like to thank Neacy for her dedication and help to the club.

I am about to turn 14 years old. I started judo about 5 years ago with my dad and brother. I originally startedjudo because my dad wanted me to learn self defense, because I was being bullied at school but eventually it, something fun along with baking. I hope to one day become a pastry chef and have my own business in Paris, France. I'm an orange belt soon to be green belt. My mom has a home daycare since 2005 and I like to help her with the kids. I also like to help the kids at judo because I have patience and I think if I can do it, and I like to think I've become pretty good at it, so I think I can help the little kids and they can become good at judo and have as much fun as I do doing it too.

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