Judoka of the Month : Benji - April 2012 Check out our facebook page here!
Benji was selected to be the judoka of the month because of the way he works with new juniors or people with less experience than him. Also his attitude is always above reproach, he attends practice regularly and just got promoted to the rank of advanced sankyu. He is very attentive in class and never talks when one of the instructors is talking. It is for these reasons his is the Judoka of the month.

Benji is a fun loving boy with a keen interest in video gaming. He was born in Rockwall, Texas in 2000 and is truly “mama’s little boy”. But don’t let that fool you! While Judo was initially just something he was doing with his brother, sister and dad, he quickly found himself excelling in and enjoying it. While a small boy for his age and genetics, he is not one you want to mess with. As his big sister found out one day when she was playing around with him and he got her to the mat and said, “technique!”. Benji’s hand/eye coordination and unique way of thinking allow him to shine in the multitudes of video games he plays. Outside of that he loves the culinary arts and hopes one day to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to be become a chef.

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