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Ronnie - September 2012

This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a comfortable home in the Lancaster Judo Club right from the start. When Ronnie went for his first promotion he tested and demonstrated so well that Roy Englert a Judoka that is so well accomplished that he is certified to referee in the Olympics suggested that he not only get promoted from his white belt to the next rank of white/yellow belt but promote him four ranks to the orange belt. I, as his sensei would not ask for this even though he deserved it. This is something that I hope one of the other members of the Board of Examiners would notice and bring up for approval. Luckily Roy did. It was at that point that the Board asked me for some background on Ronnie and I had the opening to go into my full fledged salesman mode. I told the board about Ronnie’s work ethic, his character, and how he raised a garden and sold the veggies from a table in his front yard as well as going door to door selling hoagies all in a effort to pay for his judo lessons himself. At this point Roy called for a vote from the Board which I abstained from and the Board of Examiners unanimously voted for a quadruple promotion for Ronnie. Another thing that impresses me about Ronnie is his fearless attitude when it comes to randori. I remember when I was a high school wrestler it was common for a sophomore to be intimidated by an older senior wrestler. Not so with Ronnie he will fight anybody no questions asked. All these reasons are why Ronnie is this month's Judoka of the Month.

I have been doing judo for about 18 months now. I placed 2nd in the Virginia opens and eastern opens. I had a quadruple promotion ranking me to my orange belt. I’m now an advanced yonkyu. The reason I joined judo is because I have always enjoyed martial arts and have had a natural talent for it. I took taekwondo when I was seven and took wrestling in seventh grade. I enjoy judo more than I ever enjoyed wrestling, mostly because of the sensei’s. I enjoy the workout that judo gives me and also the techniques.
J.D. - August 2012

This month's Judoka of the month is J.D. Stetler. Although JD only joined our judo family six weeks ago he has proven himself to be quite an asset to our club. He comes from a martial arts background having earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo. Because of this he brings a level of formality and respect to the dojo with him. Equally important he brings his four children with him and most recently his lady Cloe. It does not end there as he also brings an attitude and courage that inspired him to compete in his first tournament September first where he placed third in his weight class. Just think if everyone brought as many new people into the club as JD has, we would have to add additional classes to our schedule. JD, welcome to our judo family and thanks for what you have already done for the Lancaster Judo Club.

James "J.D." Stetler Born 1/6/75age 37 From Conestoga Pa. Currently living in Manheim I work at Aggregates Equipment Company in Leola as a welder, fitter, fabricator and layout technician. It sounds complicated, so in short, I use really cool machines to build really cool machines. I've always been lighthearted, the class clown, the one always smiling. Family and friendship are very important to me, and my friends often seek my insight and positive attitude during troubled times. My interests include camping, kayaking, playing guitar, fishing and watching movies. My favorite pastime has been watching my kids grow up, training with them at such a great school is an honor. After an 8 year break from martial arts, my daughter Ashley expressed an interest. I started looking at local schools, and found Lancaster Judo Club. We could not have found a better school, and we love our new judo family. I hope to help teach judo at the club in the future, so I may give to others what you have given to my family.
Neacy - July 2012

This month the coaching staff of the Lancaster Judo Club has named Lianeace Acevedo as the Judoka of the Month. The reason for this may seem to be getting a little redundant but it shows the importance we put on the concept of “mutual benefit and welfare”. We recently had the privilege of having Eric Peel and his 3 year old daughter Addy join our dojo. Addy's first practice was a bit intimidating with a full dojo and a lot of adults going through a vigorous warm-up. Seeing how all this as Addy's first exposure to judo was a bit overwhelming “Neacy” as she is known in the club came to me and offered to take Addy under her wing and show her how to fall in a more gentle manner. Neacy has also has taken it upon herself to comfort and work with some of our junior students, her patients and kindness make her a perfect combination for working with small children. The club would like to thank Neacy for her dedication and help to the club.

I am about to turn 14 years old. I started judo about 5 years ago with my dad and brother. I originally startedjudo because my dad wanted me to learn self defense, because I was being bullied at school but eventually it, something fun along with baking. I hope to one day become a pastry chef and have my own business in Paris, France. I'm an orange belt soon to be green belt. My mom has a home daycare since 2005 and I like to help her with the kids. I also like to help the kids at judo because I have patience and I think if I can do it, and I like to think I've become pretty good at it, so I think I can help the little kids and they can become good at judo and have as much fun as I do doing it too.
Chris - May 2012

Chris came to us with a wrestling background some Judo experience and most importantly a great attitude and incredible work ethic. He took it upon himself to create the monthly judoka of the month awards for his fellow students. He is always at practice and is willing to work with new people and help them develop their skills. I also respect his dedication to his daughter he often shares one of the funny things that babies do with us. It takes me back twenty years to the time when my daughter was a toddler and I would go to work with my "Guess what my little girl did stories". Congratulations on earning this award you deserve it. We could use two dozen more like you.

I started judo in January 07 after the passing of my late fiancée, Monique, who had cystic fibrosis as a way of dealing with the tough times. I coached wrestling for the Manheim Mat Club for 5 years. I live in Manheim with my wife and daughter. I am an avid Hershey Bears fan and attend all of their home games. As a hobby, i build halloween props. I do judo because most importantly I love doing it and for the friendships that are made at the club.
Benji - April 2012

Benji was selected to be the judoka of the month because of the way he works with new juniors or people with less experience than him. Also his attitude is always above reproach, he attends practice regularly and just got promoted to the rank of advanced sankyu. He is very attentive in class and never talks when one of the instructors is talking. It is for these reasons his is the Judoka of the month.

Benji is a fun loving boy with a keen interest in video gaming. He was born in Rockwall, Texas in 2000 and is truly “mama’s little boy”. But don’t let that fool you! While Judo was initially just something he was doing with his brother, sister and dad, he quickly found himself excelling in and enjoying it. While a small boy for his age and genetics, he is not one you want to mess with. As his big sister found out one day when she was playing around with him and he got her to the mat and said, “technique!”. Benji’s hand/eye coordination and unique way of thinking allow him to shine in the multitudes of video games he plays. Outside of that he loves the culinary arts and hopes one day to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to be become a chef.
Sebastian - February 2012

This month's Judoka of the Month is Sebastian Negron. He is eleven years old and is our junior team captain. He holds the rank of Advanced Sankyu which is equal to a brown belt in the adult ranks. Sebastian is a busy young man who normally attends practice three times a week in addition to dedicating a large amount of time practicing his violin. Being a member of the Lancaster Youth Symphony he performed on TV. His favorite throw is Tai Otoshi. Some of the factors that helped to earn this recognition is his attendance at practice, he competes on a regular basis and he is always willing to take new kids who are attending their first few practices and show them how to fall and do the first few throws. Sebastian is receptive to advice and always tries to improve his Judo. Congratulations Sebastian you are this month's Judoka of the Month.

Chuck - January 2012

January’s Judoka of the month is Chuck Laube. Chuck has proven himself on the mat in randori as well as in tournaments. Everyone who has fought Chuck in practice has been thrown for ippon including myself. He has held the state championship in his weight class for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia all at the same time. He has also placed second in the Liberty Bell Tournament, one of the toughest and most prestigious contests in the nation.
More importantly than his competition success is the attitude that Chuck brings to the dojo. He thrives on working with people before and after practice and is largely responsible for our judoka improving at the pace that they do. Recently when we moved to our new dojo most of the members of our club saw the “finished product” on the night when we put the mat down. Prior to that evening Chuck donated nearly one hundred hours of his time in the previous three weeks doing carpentry work to get the dojo in shape.
Chuck travels to train with other clubs to bring different skills and techniques back to our club, he will take over and run practice when the black belts in the club are tied up with work or a business or personal obligation and the senseis can rest assured that the club is in good hands.
So thank you Chuck for being such a great help in the club your willingness to help others and your attitude to do whatever it takes has earned you the Judoka of the Month Award for January 2012.

Daniel - December 2011

Our judo club's first judoka of the month is Daniel E. Dan was promoted to his orange belt in November. He earned the judoka of the month because of the way he displays jita kyoei [mutual benefit and welfare]. Last month on a Saturday morning practice he was working in a group of three, when his practice partners were working with each other he took the time to work with two younger students. Helping your fellow students is part of being a good judoka. Dan also helps his partners learn by being an excellent uki (person being thrown). He does this by being co-operative and not resisting when his practice partner tries to throw him while attempting to learn a new throw. So congratulations Dan you have become an important part of the Lancaster Judo Club.

Challenged with being high functioning autistic, Daniel has had many barriers to overcome. Judo has been a great forum for him to learn discipline as well as enjoyment and collaboration with others. He was born in 1997 outside of Seattle, WA and was formally diagnosed at the age of 5. He has had much assistance from doctors, psychologists, neurologists, etc throughout the years, but the move to PA really opened the doors for support. Last year an associate at his dad's office introduced the family to Judo and they have really appreciated all of the benefits it can have (thanks Sensei Frank!) he loves to play games, snowboard, swim and most other things boys love his age.

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Ronnie - September 2012
This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a co...
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