Welcome to Lancaster Judo Club in Lancaster, PA! Check out our facebook page here!

Judo competition training, a most intense workout, self confidence, self-defense, and a fun atmosphere for the entire family! Our students are here for many reasons: to become physically fit, increase discipline, become more self-confident, for local competition training, and even for more advanced training. We will work with your level and goals. Our instructors have a long history of Judo in their backgrounds, each with ways of teaching their own "finer points". Our training is enjoyable, and classes are taught in a family-friendly environment. At Lancaster Judo, we consider each member a member of our family, and we want you to succeed at your goals and have fun while doing so!

Call or stop by to find out what Lancaster Judo can offer you!
*Classes 3 days a Week
*Family Discounts
*Low tuition, non-profit organization. Dues are just $35 per month! Family discounts available.
*Family-friendly atmosphere
*Kid-friendly (ages 8 and up prefered, younger welcome to watch, participate on a case-by-case basis)
*Personal attention when needed

Contact us at info@lancasterjudo.org, or see the instructors page to contact a specific instructor!

Quote of the day:

Ronnie - September 2012
This month's judoka of the month goes to Ronnie Reighard. Ronnie was a “good fit” for the club from the very beginning. His friendly disposition, sense of humor, and dedication to hard work found a co...
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March's Tip - A modified Okuri ashi Harai
An effective way to develop opportunities for foot sweeps is to take a high collar grip with your left hand and a grip on your opponents left sleeve with your right hand. Often a right-handed player w...